Lensbaby Composer Pro and accessories. 50mm/30mm/macro +creative apert...

Lensbaby Composer Pro and accessories. 50mm/30mm/macro +creative aperture kit.

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31 Dec 2014
Need to fund another fast prime, so my Lensbaby has to go; It's in great condition and has been fun to own, opening up a series of possibilities for creative and interesting pictures in a way many lens' can't.

Included is a composer pro (canon fit) with 50mm double glass optic, a 30mm wide angle accessory and a+10 and +4 macro accessories also. The creative aperture kit is included offering bokeh in various shapes which can give a great effect to match your subject, and also the aperture rings and tool for the standard glass which range from F2.8 to F22. It's pretty much a complete lens system really and will alter your photography in an interesting way.

Included with sale is special delivery 24hrs postage and all come to £150 by bank transfer or paypal.

Posted 31 Dec 2014
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