Image Theft & Misrepresentation.

Image Theft & Misrepresentation.

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16 Oct 2014
For several years Purestorm has run a simple Approvals Panel process to try to prevent
non-established Model Photographers joining this site to gain Models' contact details.

(Inexperienced photographers are often advised ways of building a portfolio of model images before resubmission at a later date.)

One thing which the Panel has insisted on from the outset is that inexperienced Photographers
who attempt to con Models by presenting other Photographers' high standard images as being
their own work have NO place on Purestorm and will NOT be accepted for membership.

We appreciate that there are some unregulated sites which do not set any joining criteria for
Photographers and who wait until Models have problems before taking any action.
Purestorm prefers to err on the side of caution and keep those who misrepresent off this site.

For Photographer joining criteria please see this Guideline:-
G03 ~§~ Joining As A Photographer ~§~

Any applicant Suspended and refused Portfolio Hosting for image theft and misrepresentation
who disregards Fair Warning and creates further profiles runs the risk of seeing their details
being added to the Wall Of Shame as a means of notifying our membership of their actions.

Extract from Guideline 03
Any photographer who uploads another photographer's work to their portfolio will be considered as perpetrating a deception.

Applicants who mask their identity or attempt to deceive the Approvals Panel or Admin/Moderators will be refused hosting.
   Merely having been granted hosting on another site is NOT taken into account and is no guarantee of acceptance on here;
   we appreciate that some sites are willing to grant inexperienced / aspring Model Photographers access to model members
   but this site expects Photographer applicants to meet OUR joining criteria which is geared primarily towards Model Safety.


Posted 16 Oct 2014
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