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13 Aug 2014
Hi everyone! It would be great to get a professional advice. Does anyone know any agencies in Vienna,Austria that hire petite models as well?
Posted 13 Aug 2014
Edited by alena_tsar 13 Aug 2014
Are you talking about yourself? Because if so, 5' 7" isn't so petite...And you have amazing facial bone structure that agencies love.

You could try...

Who promote a wide range of models, and ages...

Good luck anyway cheeky

Posted 14 Aug 2014
Edited by SuzyMonty 14 Aug 2014
Thanks for your comment, Suzy! My height is about 168 - 168.5 cm, it's inbetween 5'6" and 5'7" (there was no option on this website to choose more precisely) I approached some agencies here in Vienna but i was told that modelling market here is not huge and they only hire models above 175 cm (5'9")tall. So according to local standards i would probably be classed as petite model But thank you for your link, i will try it!
Posted 14 Aug 2014
Edited by alena_tsar 14 Aug 2014
I don't class myself as a petite model, but I'm quite a bit shorter than you! I'm 5'3 and a half!

I would say you're a normal height, look for agencies that don't specialise in 'high fashion'

Posted 15 Aug 2014
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