Putting Down Roots....

Putting Down Roots....

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8 Aug 2014

Now i'm moving into my Dotage.... (Just turned 50) i'm thinking about setting something up a bit more permanent for my photography business.

Mainly been working either on location or out of my own home.

Thought 1, Are there any Studios in the Peterborough area offering regular usage/equipment storage on a pay by month basis (I suppose time share is the nearest meaning I can think of as to what i'm looking for).


Thought 2, Are there any Photographers in The Peterborough area looking at setting up their own studio , but perhaps looking for business partners as opposed to shouldering all the costs themselves.

Just putting this out there as a feeler , I'm busy writing another business plan extending my existing business looking forward , but just seeing what interest there might be of working with others.




Posted 8 Aug 2014
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