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17 June 2014
How do I change my profile from model to MUA? I tried to add another profile but wasn't allowed, do I just need to delete and start again? x

Moderator Advisory
Profile categories ( Model / Photographer / MUA ) cannot be altered.
As explained, free portfolio hosting is only offered on one profile.
MUA eligibility criteria can be found in the
Help And Advice section.

Posted 17 June 2014
Edited by Love 18 June 2014
I think I'm right in saying that you will only be granted an mua profile if you can demonstrate relevant qualifications which are acceptable to site management together with a suitable portfolio of work.

Also, you can only have one free profile.

ETA - there's a sticky at the top of the mua forum which explains here:

and further info here:
Posted 17 June 2014
Edited by marlhamphoto 17 June 2014
Apparently trainig with DFMA and having experience doesn't count.... Ahhh well, I'll use another site! x

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Posted 17 June 2014
Edited by Love 18 June 2014
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