Profoto Giant Reflector 150 (5') - £735

Profoto Giant Reflector 150 (5') - £735

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25 April 2014
This reflector has seen only light use. I'm selling due to the fact that I simply do not use it anymore.

Supplied in case with all original parts plus a diffusor. To purchase one of these new is £1128.

The Giant Silver creates a unique combination of soft light and brilliant highlights. This has made it a favorite of beauty and fashion photographers in search of clean, glossy looks. In addition, the Giant Silvers are surprisingly portable and easy to mount and dismount, which has resulted in them being a common sight on on-location shoots.

Creates a very large light source.
Four different zoom positions thanks to exchangeable poles and different lamp head positions.
Easy to mount and dismount.
Surprisingly light and portable.
Designed to withstand years of professional use.
Optional front diffuser available.
There is also a Manfrotto 608B stand and grip available. (The stand is not included with this listing).

Posted 25 April 2014
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