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3 March 2014
I've noticed when using the shoot diary, the form asks for 'Username of other person in the shoot.'
Is it possible to use the ID number of persons included (with automatic conversion to username) 

Posted 3 March 2014
Hi Gerry,

Thanks for the suggestion, I will have a look into this to see if we can change it to accept the ID number as well as the username, a useful suggestion.


Posted 3 March 2014
I'm maybe totally wrong here but I remember when you used to "tag" people in images and you could type in their usernames and it would work.

The only problem I remember is that some of the newer/simpler/lazier users would type in "Sophie" for example rather than the models actual username so some random "Sophie" model in America was tagged as the model when she wasn't.

Posted 4 March 2014
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