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24 Jan 2014
Just wanted to hear your opinions on my profile..

Much appreciated

Posted 25 Jan 2014
My view is:

- Good description of your experience and your willingness to travel. It would be good to explain more about what kind of modelling you're focused on

- I like main head shot as it shows your face well

- The images on your profile don't really show your ability that well. The black dress one kinda hides your figure. There's a couple of odd wide leg standing shots and I'm not about the others.

- I'd like to see a variety of shots covering the levels you work including front and back shots, good quality lingerie shots, a topless shot if you're doing topless work as people need to see your happy and confident working at this level, more variety in poses and facial expressions (give us a good teeth showing smile).

You have a good look so you could do well. Just get a bit more experience under your belt working with different photographers and I'm sure you'll do well.

Posted 25 Jan 2014
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