Need advice on setting up a model Facebook page

Need advice on setting up a model Facebook page

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14 Jan 2014
This is probably a stupid question to ask as nearly everyone and anyone has a Facebook page these days, except me it seems! I tried to set one up as a way of promoting myself as a model which I've noticed many professional models seem to be doing now. The problem is there doesn't appear to be a category for 'model' and I've searched through the whole list of different businesses and occupations. If there're any models on here with a model Facebook page, I'd appreciate any hints/tips on how to start one of my own. Thanks in advance.
Posted 14 Jan 2014
I have an ordinary FB profile, but keep it strictly for paid modelling work - not socializing.
I get plenty of modelling enquiries.

Some models have two for socializing and their own modelling page.
You need to log onto the actual site and see how best to do this.

It is handy to join the various modelling groups on there too - to interact with other models and photographers.
There are quite a few 'Mature Model' groups, and as mature model you could easily join one of these.

However, remember FB's golden rule - NO nips or private parts on show in images that are posted up, UNLESS it's a private closed group that you are posting on.

Purestorm is still the best, I personally find and has the added benefit of 'Feedbacks' - FB doesn't - so you will need to be more vigilant on chekcing out photographers you plan to work with.

Hope that helps.

I could put a FB link up for you on modelling...but it would probably be taken down again by PS Moderator...So I'd best not...
Posted 16 Jan 2014
Thanks Suzy! That's the best advice I've had so far, well the only advice (on PS anyway ha ha). Could you please private message me the FB link, as I'd be very interested to have a look and think it would be of help to me. Thanks
Posted 17 Jan 2014
There's a message from me... in your INBOX Arizona frown
Posted 17 Jan 2014
please do not add FB links    
Posted 17 Jan 2014
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