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Anthony Croshaw - Speedlights For Beginners, Jan 24 2014 @Speedlight Studios

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4 Dec 2013
Speedlight Studios is proud to present!!

Anthony Croshaw
Speedlights For Beginners Course – February 1st 2014

Cost: £90 per person

Duration: 5 hours

This is a basic course on using speedlights, both on camera and off camera. The course will cover the following:

1) Basic theory – the way speedlights work, nothing too mind boggling, but enough to operate Canon, Nikon and third party flashes with confidence

2) ETTL and manual modes – this is one of the main sources of confusion for new speedlight users. We will cover the differences between these two modes, and also when to use which mode

3) Mounting Speedlights – there are a huge number of different ways we can mount these little flashes , we will cover the basics to get you started

4) Modifiers – these days you are spoilt for choice on modifiers, we will go over the most common, where to get them, when and how to use them

5) Triggering – a hugely important part of the course, this will be covered in detail, and we will also spend a lot of time practising with various triggering methods

6) Practical – over half the course will be shooting. There will be an experienced model on hand to practise with, and we will practice lots of different lighting setups, starting with just one Speedlight, then adding two more. We will also practise using Speedlights with traditional studio lights.

The course will run on February 1st. Speedlights and triggers will be available for use if you don’t have your own.

Details here :

Posted 4 Dec 2013
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