Workshop Near Preston Sunday19th-Monday20th January 2014...

Workshop Near Preston Sunday19th-Monday20th January 2014...

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26 Nov 2013
I haven't taken my courses on the road for a while now and I'd like to offer a 2 day workshop in the North West. Bartle Hall near Preston, seems a good spot, on the Sunday 19th and Monday 20th January 2014.

The course content is flexible and is tailored to some extent to the attendees.

Areas covered may include:
Fundamental principles and considerations of authoring a photograph
Output requirements, Wall or book, print or screen
How viewers read a photograph
How to compose a photograph for easy reading
Effects of spatial positioning
Effects of contrast
Effects of lines
Perspective -v- Framing
How to use a zoom lens effectively.
What is beauty
Understanding symmetry and angles
The optical illusions we can use
Expression (above all else, expression)
How to get the expression you want
Shaping the expression
The importance of rapport
Rapport and expression “Tricks”
Timing the shot
Flow and rapport before and during a shoot, directing a subject
Understanding the effects of light and shadow for dimensionality.
Optical Illusions.
The brain sees, not the eyes. The camera has one eye.
Understanding the effects of colour.
Positioning of the main light.
Positioning of the fill light.
Positioning of accent lights.
Controlling shadow boundaries.
Doing it in the studio. (If you understand light, the location doesn’t matter).
Doing it outside.
Exposure considerations, monochrome -v- colour and White balance.
Measuring light and understanding shadow depth and its effects .

a model will be available at times during the 2 day period for practise and demonstration.

Past students…
Attended Si’s course at The Camera Society this weekend – and can say without hesitation that I learned more in the two days than I have in the last two years. To anybody else who is as sceptical as I was as to the value of investing in training, it has opened more doors in my mind than any number of new lenses or lights ever could. Absolutely recommended.
Jay Mawson / Supaveg

Simon has been a positive influence in my photography career. Since the beginning, he has given me options and tools, without affecting my own personal style. In fact, he has encouraged that to grow naturally over time. The difference with Simons tutoring style is, for example, that he will tell you “why to light something this way”, instead of just providing you with a lighting diagram that works in some situations but won’t in others. This deepens your understanding of the right way to work in all circumstances and provides you with the ability to adapt in tricky situations – which is of significant commercial value. He has taught me some very advanced topics effectively too, including deeper compositional techniques, colour theory and digital processing.
Phil Drinkwater

Further testimonials available upon request.

This course is suitable for people of any level
Cost £299

Please let me know if you are interested, we will limit the numbers on the course.
Many thanks
Posted 26 Nov 2013
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