Studio Share - Ancoats, Manchester

Studio Share - Ancoats, Manchester

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17 Oct 2013
I have a studio in Ancoats Manchester that I share with 4 other photographers. For different reasons two of them are having to leave us so I am looking for a couple of photographers who would be interested in joining us.

For details of the studio, including the address, etc. please see...


The cost is £60 per month paid in advance and I ask for a 1 month deposit.

There are 4 studio lights including one on a boom stand and plenty of modifiers. White, grey and black vinyl backgrounds mounted on the ceiling. All you really need is a camera and flash meter.

We book the studio using a Google calendar. At the moment there are no specific limitations but I reserve the right to impose some to ensure everyone gets fair usage, especially if we get peak or popular times. So far this hasn't been a huge issue with a good mix of people wanting to use it different times.

If you have any questions or are interested please contact me. It might help speed up arranging for you to see it if you let me know you mobile number.

(John Ashton)
Posted 17 Oct 2013
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