Diverse Styles ?

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8 Oct 2013

I am hoping for some honest opinions with regards to my portfolio, I have been away from modelling for quite some time and have recently came back. I have added a few photographs from a couple of shoots I have done at complete different ends of the scale but which I both loved and I am just hoping to get some feedback as an overall idea of what styles work for me what don't and how I can improve my portfolio 

Thank you in advance

Posted 8 Oct 2013
Looks to me like you have a diverse portfolio in quite a few styles which I guess also earn you money. The look is similar in most of them. ...because It's you (!) but if you were looking to add images you could investigate sharper fashion, beauty/portraiture/figure and may be push the envelope (no, not axult!) with pictures that perhaps tell more of a story....says something about you rather than the tog? Just thinking aloud!!

Posted 9 Oct 2013
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