Rant: "I will slate you so bad on networking sites! "

Rant: "I will slate you so bad on networking sites! "

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19 Sep 2013
As some of you will be aware, there are some restricted access internet groups out there where people who have been refused Portfolio Hosting on Purestorm (usually for either failing to accept site rules, stepping over the line, creating dodgy accounts, or being the sort of person we feel would not be beneficial to this website) rant and rave about us. Normally they either give a heavily sanitised version of why Portfolio Hosting was refused or rescinded, or in some cases they lie outright, knowing that privacy and data protection legislation (plus the closed nature of these groups) means Purestorm is unable to defend itself or reveal the full reasons for not wishing to offer the person membership. As Purestorm is UK-based and plays by the rules we usually cannot publicise why a user / registrant is unwelcome but, if we give them fair warning, we can add them to the Wall of Shame if they ignore our request that they do not create further profiles.

Today we have been contacted by a potential candidate for the Wall of Shame who was Temporarily Suspended three and a half years ago for breach of site rules and who immediately created two new profiles to attempt to get around the original Suspension. This resulted in a Ban. Since then we have positively linked NINE registrations directly to her, both as Model and MUA (even though she does not hold the required minimum qualification for a Purestorm MUA account) and we also have two more linked refusals on Photographer registrations where the accounts have been created to source models for her paysite (incidentally she has also claimed to be a Model Agent to other models).

When told that the ninth registration in her name had been rejected this charming young lady told us:-
¤ I will slate you so bad on networking sites!
¤ You chuck people off with no valid reasons.
[incorrect as she has been given the reasons many times]
¤ But let pedos and people with throw away cameras on your site.
¤ What a terrible site!

One has to question why, if Purestorm is such a terrible site, people like this who we refuse hosting to come back time after time to try to get back on here.

As for the allegation of Purestorm granting access to paedophiles, we have removed several convicted sex offenders from this site (even though some other sites are not as choosy about who they allow membership as we are) as soon as we were alerted and should it come to our attention that a confirmed paedophile is a member we would speedily remove them too - even though Purestorm, unlike many other sites providing Model Portfolio Hosting, does not actually allow children under 18 to hold membership so there should be little of interest to paedophiles on this site. We do not, on the other hand, restrict Photographer membership based purely on the equipment they use, though for the past four or five years the Approvals Panel has tried to ensure that only those who can present a varied portfolio of posed images of models are accepted (and those initially refused are often given time to bring their submission up to the required level).

With regard to the young lady with multiple Suspensions in force who prompted this post, as she was formally notified on 17th September that "If we catch you attempting to create further profiles on Purestorm we reserve the right to add your details and photograph to the Wall of Shame", the ball is now in her court and we WILL name her if she tries to register a 10th profile.

Posted 19 Sep 2013
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