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12 Sep 2013
Make Up Artist

I've been asked to do some make up for a lady going to an event but she has stated that I have to use her own make up.  She hasn't said it's due to an allery etc.  I often get people who prefer to use their own mascara, and sometimes foundation, but never the full kit!  I'm not really very happy about it as I know the products I use and I don't want it to look like a shoddy job if she doesn't have the right products.  Any thought on this?


Posted 12 Sep 2013
Make Up Artist
I would start by establishing why she wants to use her own make up - Is it an allergy - then thats simple for you to deal with, just read the MDS sheets. Is she under the impression that your kit wont be clean (the public often dont understand how MUAs use make up differently to stop the spread of germs). Does she think you have cheap products or hers are somehow better? Once you find out what the issue is, then you can build the client relationship from there.

Posted 9 Oct 2013
Agree with above. I wouldn't be happy with working with someones own makeup x

Posted 2 Sep 2014
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