HELP! Newbie here!

HELP! Newbie here!

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13 Aug 2013
Can anyone give me some productive criticism on my port. 1) what you like/don't like 2) what I need to add to my port 3) what you think of my look and what I should be aiming at genre wise. In need if some helpful advice to to guide me in the right direction!! thanks guys!
Posted 13 Aug 2013
Hi josie What I like is that you have a lovely smile and beautiful eyes Need adding to your port? some location shots would be good,and some low key black and whites maybe I personally love your look 'wish you were a lot closer' great figure too. On advice and direction I will leave to more experienced people on here I am but an amateur Hope you do well josie I am sure you will
Posted 13 Aug 2013
Thank you for your kind reply. Greatly appreciated!
Posted 13 Aug 2013
u instantly strike me as a glamour model, however looking at the levels u are willing to do most photographers who shoot glamour models would at least want topless....but this is totally upto u and u will get the odd pushy photographer who will try and get u to go beyond what ur comfortable with...dont let this put u off, stick to ur guns and reply with a firm but polite NO! if later down the line u decide to do topless then u would make a fab glamour model and can see u being booked up, ur curvy and have a fab face for it....other than this lingerie and swimwear ull look great with....look around at other models ports and see the different styles and experiement with some, see what u a photographer myself if i had money to transport u or if u were closer id book u as u are with the levels u are currently comfortable with as i shoot a lot of lingerie so for me u would be a perfect sure there are many others who would also think the same
Posted 13 Aug 2013
Thank you so much for your reply! You left some really kind comments which are fab to hear! You yourself are beautiful with such a varied portfolio so coming from you that is a big compliment!!..a lot of the work I've done in the past was glamour hence my shots looking that way, but I've found it's so cut throat and as I'm not yet confident enough for topless it's a difficult market to break! I'll take all your advice on board and thank you again for your mind words
Posted 14 Aug 2013

I'd say, drop a couple of the images which are almost the same as each other and as a small side note, when viewing your profile a few of the images look a little fuzzy as if the are small in size or low res and the browser is trying to display them at too big a size. So maybe re upload those with a higher quality version if you have it.

Possible Adds.

a couple of simple this is me type images such as a simple plain no make up head shot and a simple full length shot.
An idea is a single image made up of three images, showing front, side and rear view in a plain bikini maybe.
A picture showing your tattoos would be good also, people may even want to shoot them but it shows what they may have to hide aswell.
These offer a really good idea of what you actually look like. A photographer will edit an image to their style and while this may then produce a stunning image it can be very different from the original. Then it become more about the skill of the photographer than that of the model and in the first instance this about you and what you offer.

Then a decent head shot with make up that you have done, if you offer that.

Then a selection of images from shoots. Ideally images which cover the levels you are happy to work at.

For the most part i think your profile is nice and does offer a good idea of what someone booking you will get so my suggestions are just for clarity.

Now then!

3) what you think of my look and what I should be aiming at genre wise.

1st off only you can decide where you want to go and how you want to get there.
The levels you have listed with the exception of Glamour and Lingerie are probably fairly standard and at a guess generate the least interest.
The other 2 well one mans Glamour/Lingerie is another mans Nude, Implied Nude, Topless and whatever else.

You are clearly  an attractive you lady with lovely eyes and hair, Great figure and without putting to fine a point on it a couple of other great assets.
To be fair i'd say you could work to any genre you want, you may well get told you're to short and busty for fashion so you should do glamour, topless and nude work.At the end of the day fashion isn't just catwalk twigs being held up by the dress.

Im sure you know which you are going to get the most offers for so my only advice such as it is, is dont be pressured into doing something you dont want to do... ever

Posted 14 Aug 2013
Since I am on a roll today (haha), I would like to offer up my opinions as to your portfolio and modelling. Note that I am far from a professional myself, so perhaps I can give some advice from a more "amateurish" point of view.

First of all, let me say that I concur with Jenelle that you clearly strike us as a glamour model. You got all the signs for that. Which is fine, as you definitively have the figure for it. But as she also stated, photographers who shoot glamour mostly don't shoot girls unless they are minimal going to do topless shots, so that gets you stranded a bit (as you say, you are not yet comfortable with it).

What I would suggest that you do first and foremost is to find some excellent photographers and start shooting portraits to work on your facials and expressions. I love your face as well, and your smile is simply adorable. Before anything else, start with that.

The one picture I actually do like in your portfolio is the one by the window. Even though it's a cross between a few genres, I like it a lot. But the rest is not very good imho. Not your fault, mind you, as I think that one can easily utilize your looks and figure to achieve something far better than you have today. Keep shooting with photographers to get that.

Now, I know that you are a new model, and we all start somewhere. But it is very important that you set yourself some goals as to what kind of model you want to be. Wingling about won't really do you any good at all. In my opinion, if I were you, I would stick with the glamour. If you find it "pale", then you obviously haven't met any real good glamour photographers yet.

But as the photographer above says, avoid getting pressured into something you don't really want to do. It will never end well, but that being said, I think you need to make a conscious choice as to what you want to do.

I am sure, in the end, you will know what to do.

Posted 22 Aug 2013
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