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8 Aug 2013
There is a great show on BBC2 now.

It is looking at dieting and why they only work for a year or so and then the people put the weight back on.

There is scientific investigation into the diet products and why people get into yoyo dieting.

It will be on I Player tomorrow.

I will put the link on here tomorrow.

As far as I can see,  if you are like me overwight and not losing it, remember short term diets do not work.

Excercise and healthy food is what you need, not fads. 

Posted 8 Aug 2013
As promised

To lose weight eat sensibly (I fail at this) and excercise (really not good at this).

It is not easy and there are no quick fixes.

Posted 9 Aug 2013
I lost 5 stone through weight watchers 2 years ago, i went back up about a stone but getting back to target weight again on my own.
It does work, you just have to put your mind to it, i didn't exercise , just ate sensibly , drank less alcohol and didn't snack. It's common sense but sometimes people need to stop lying to themselves and making excuses, i just needed moral support, and that's what i got at WW.

Posted 9 Aug 2013
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