What are you preferred make up brands?

What are you preferred make up brands?

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31 July 2013
A follow up to my make up essentials question. Do you have one preferred make up brand or do you pick and mix brands? Do you use the same brand(s) for modelling as you do for everyday use?



Posted 31 July 2013
I never wear makeup when not modelling - helps keep the pores open.

(KISS and makeup is my favouriteyes)

Makeup in my modelling box, is all sorts of makes...but apparently, one should never keep makeup too long, as it forms bacteria after a while. I use Revlon the most.
Posted 1 Aug 2013
Arbonne (lovely non-sticky lipglosses in flattering shades), which amanda swan uses and introduced me to and Bobbi Brown and benefit for nude/neutrals and MAC for colours though i usually only wear neutrals and leave the OTT colours for a MUA to muck around with! I would love someone to recommend HD techniques and the right foundation for that, preferably one that is not too expensive and from Boots or Superdrug. If i have the pleasure of working with a MUA then i notice that her products are waaay different to my ones at home. I dont lugg around a massive kit, my make up will fit into a pencil case!

Has anyone else bought the Lancome limited edition products simply because of the packaging? They are covered in cute little hearts and stars...adorable! The Doll Eyes actually gives you a china doll sort of look ...i heart it

Posted 1 Aug 2013
Thank you for the responses.



Posted 7 Aug 2013
Smashbox studio's (at boots) is a b=make up brand made by smashbox studio photography in LA and is made for photoshoots =)

Posted 7 Aug 2013
Just done a count up from all the responses received from here and elsewhere. The top 5 essentials equates to some 37 different items from some 39 different companies! Absolutely amazed at the variety of products people use. Thanks for taking the time to respond!

Posted 7 Aug 2013
Clarins bronzing powder, tinted moisturiser, lipgloss
Lancôme Doll eyes mascara (worth every penny and doesn't dry out as quick)
Chanel Foundation
Lancôme black eyeliner.
Rimmel nude lipliner
Dior maxi lips

These are the items I carry in my bag at all times but for shoot, I have a wider selection but pretty much the same brands.
I find that since I wasted a lot of money of these products they have lasted longer and are cheaper on a cost-per-wear basis

Posted 10 Sep 2013
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