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7 April 2013
I was wondering if any successful tattooed models could give me advice on the model world and how you got to where you wanted to be?
I'm still a newbie to this, if you would like to see more of my pictures check my fb as I only have basic account till I upgrade.
Violet von stein

Posted 7 April 2013
Hello Just now tattoos are quite in with a lot of genres of magazines ... I have been published in lads mags, to top shelve mags to tattoo magazines. I would say build up your portfolio and build up a fan base, twitter is great for this. Work with good photographers tfcd to get some amazing images and then the work will come in
Posted 7 April 2013
Thanks, I have a great fan base on Facebook so that seems to be helping I'm getting published in an alternative magazine at the end if the month and then another magazine due to come out soon, I have also been asked to do a music video later this year. Is there any magazines you could recommend I get into? And do you think I'm doing things the right way? Thanks for reply x
Posted 8 April 2013
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