Shoots with male models

Shoots with male models

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7 March 2013
I would really like to do a shoot with male model how sooo go about it xxx

Posted 7 March 2013
Figure out a theme for the shoot, decide whether you want to pay a model or collaborate (TF) with him then post a casting call including the date and location:

Then sift through the applicants and decide which model(s) you want to work with.

Alternatively search for models in your area whose look you like and message them directly with a proposal.

If you want to pay a model you can either ask him what his rates are or what I tend to do is tell them what my budget is.

You'll soon get used to it, good luck and welcome to Purestorm
Posted 7 March 2013
Edited by mg2611 7 March 2013
Shooting with a male is quite a challenge on a number of levels.

You first have to think very carefully about what type of shoot you're looking to do, and to what level you are prepared to work. Before you engage in a shoot be clear on this, and stick to it no matter how well you get on with the male - my advice is to start at a non-nude level and see how comfortable you are, as you can always shoot together again.

Selecting the right male is a challenge in itself - quality males on a site like this are very rare, and in addition you've got to find someone you feel totally comfortable with... Which when you first start couples modelling is a bit of a shot to nothing... But if you're not comfortable together this will show in the images produced.

Finding the right photographer is also not easy. Many photographers on this site would never consider shooting a male, let alone any kind of couples imagery. Some will only shoot a couple if they are a 'genuine couple' in real life (which is always a mistake in my eyes). Some will want to push you to work to leaves you're not comfortable with. But, most common, is that the type of imagery produced in the majority of couples work is extremely tacky and amateur looking. Try to shoot with a photographer who has couples imagery in his portfolio, as experience counts for a lot in this field.

In terms of finding a make, put a casting up and see what surfaces or approach a male you know already from your area, an then collaborate to find the right photographer.

Good luck.

Posted 7 March 2013
Thank you for your advice would you not be interested in a shoot with me I already have a photographer lined up
Posted 7 March 2013
Unfortunately, as this is my full-time job, I am unable to do TFP shoots...
Posted 8 March 2013
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