Agency open audition advice?

Agency open audition advice?

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28 Feb 2013
I applied online to a couple of agencies last week. Nemesis being one of them.

They sent me an e-mail today saying they are holding an open audition day tomorrow.

I'm going to go. Getting signed isn't a huge deal for me - I won't be crushed etc if i don't - But i thought i might as well apply as if i don't i might regret it in a few years when i'm too old for much. It would be an amazing opportunity to take if i got a chance with one though obviously.

I've never been to one of these things so what do i do, say, wear etc?

I'm guessing minimal make up obviously (Although as luck would have it, Ive got a damned spot! I *never* get spots at this time of the month grrr!).

Posted 28 Feb 2013
Well I may not go for the obvious answers, however a professional attitude is always key in my opinion.

Be yourself, friendly, polite, reliable.

These are very valuable commodities in the industry IMO.

Posted 1 March 2013
good luck for your exciting day! Make up isnt necessary and take something to tie hair back with if its long as they will probably take polaroids of you without make up from front and side and make sure you have clean, neutral or black undies on as you will likely be measured. Just enjoy the interview, be yourself, thats all!

Posted 1 March 2013
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