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24 Feb 2013
I have been having a look at Vimeo lately and have noticed the following:

Editors have a nervous tick that forces them make scenes no longer than 1/2-3 seconds and from so many different angles that every piece makes your head spin.
The video quality has never been better and is better in very many cases than stills but this huge dynamic range acts like an anaesthetic on the aesthetic and videos are without anything real to say. They lack edge and that ability to show me something I can't see or in a new way that "reveals as if for the first time".
They are dull, even professionally produced shorts with a crew list as long as your arm still bear all the hallmarks of the "editing as if it were an advert" brigade.
Even full length "movies" use this ploy to gloss over none existing acting skills and shoddy performances by "celeb" actors which is most of them.

They are also addicted to long slow-motion scenes or even whole videos of the stuff. Slo-Mo is like fish-eye lenses, great fun for about 5 seconds then you are looking for something real to say.

Then there is the "music" Almost all videos must, apparently, have music, loud music that has no real function other than to provide a semblance of high production values, if the producer is thinking at all and because everyone else has it if they are not.
They don't even bother to lower the level when someone speaks making all videos "music videos".

Videographers have moved to the land of Drab and we have become like children who are fascinated by shiny things and only need a paper thin premise sold on the back of manic production ethics.

It makes me want to reach for the silent Super 8

Posted 24 Feb 2013
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