12th Jan beginners Tuition avaialble all week

12th Jan beginners Tuition avaialble all week

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29 Dec 2012
At Farnham Studio we offer a range of 1 – 2 – 1 tuition in studio lighting techniques.
The courses offered will be adapted to suite individual learning needs, and are therefore suitable for a range of abilities, from beginner to aspiring professionals.

Basic Course (2 Hrs £150)

Master The Basics Of Studio Use & Lighting 2 hrs

Introductory Courses (2 Hrs £150)
Mixing Flash & Window Light 2hrs
Studio Portrait Basics 2hrs
High Key Portraits & Low Key Portraits 2hrs
Introduction to Glamour Lighting 2hrs
Introduction to Art Nude Lighting 2hrs
Introduction to Boudoir Photography 2hrs

Advanced Courses (3 Hrs £225)

Advanced Lighting Techniques In Glamour.
Advanced Lighting Techniques in Art Nude.
Advanced Lighting Techniques in Portraiture
Advanced Lighting Techniques Boudoir

Terms & Conditions
All prices include studio time, model hire & tuition.
The amount covered will vary based upon previous knowledge and learning ability.
Prior knowledge or attendance on the Basic course is advised before the introductory courses.
Prior knowledge or attendance on the relevant introductory course is essential before the advanced course.

Posted 29 Dec 2012
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