Model search by distance

Model search by distance

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22 Dec 2012
Living in a low population area, it would be very useful to have a "search by distance" facility.

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Thread: geography! show everyone a map!
Posted: Wednesday, December 12, 2012 7:12 PM
Posted By: Purestorm
Quote from EdT

The problem is that the regions are far too big.

Quote from Chrissie_Red

Scotland could be split up much easier too..

As Matt is repeatedly being told the regions are too small he is currently trying to recode the system to allow multiple regions to be selected when creating a casting call in much the same way that he recoded to allow multiple regions to be selected for casting call notifications. This should keep one sector of the membership happy but it will not solve all the problems, and indeed it looks as if it could actually create some previously unforeseen problems which he is trying to work his way around.

Member locations are currently searchable by county / state / province etc (collectively called regions) sub-areas but again many have complained that this is too small an area and that they wish to be able to Search across a wider area - or be able to list themselves in more than one county as they live on the border of two or three with their preferred catchment are being in a county other than the one they live in - or they have homes (term & holiday) in two totally different parts of the country or even in two different countries.

As previously intimated, and indeed this topic came up at the recent quarterly meeting between Administrators and Moderators, the search by radius (usually postcode based ) system fails miserably in far too many ways (as those using other sites will be aware) because it thows up serious inconsistencies due to it being a simple mathematical formula which cannot take into account terrain obstacles or population swells caused by cities, etc. A road journey time or rail journey time system might be better, but even that would create difficulties and would be time-consuming and costly to develop. To see the problems try searching by radius on other websites from towns like Prestatyn or Southend or Weston-super-Mare and watch how results suddenly increase exponentially when a major city some distance away by road or rail but quite close in a direct line falls into the search radius catchment.

In an ideal world all members would have a good grasp of geography and would be willing to make allowances for a general locator / search system which suits the majority rather than requesting one geared purely to their specific needs and wants (e.g. requesting a system that suits their particular circumstances of a] living on the border of two countries, three regions and several counties or b] living right on the edge of an English county bordered by five others near the junction of three of the areas on the map on page 1). But of course we do not live in an ideal world and we cannot yet fathom out how to please all of the membership all of the time.

Webmasters of other sites in many other fields face exactly the same problem and they have not yet cracked it either, though hopefully one day somebody will make a breakthrough and a foolproof model will be produced by someone with the time and money to develop it. Let's just hope they are philanthropic and allow everyone to use their invention.


Posted 22 Dec 2012
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