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13 Dec 2012
Thinking of getting lip fillers/plumpers as I have never been happy with my lips do you think it would have an adverse affect on modelling? If photo works-for reference how my lips are atm Also any feedback from anyone thats had this done would be great as to effectiveness how long any redness lasted etc Thanks Kitty
Posted 13 Dec 2012
Depends on how they are done in my opinion, I have never had them myself (yet) but I have known both girls that have ended up looking like they are mid allergic reaction and others who I would never even have even guessed.

Posted 13 Dec 2012
I have lip fillers and I have never had anyone guess have nice lips but be aware when you change one thing you may start to focus on another, in an attempt to be 'perfect'which of course never happens.By all means experiment with a good Dr you may find the results a real boost to your confidence.But its not life changing so do it for the right reasons xx

Posted 13 Dec 2012
This is just my personal opinion, But looking at your pictures, I wouldn't do it. You have nice lips, They're not majorly big but they're not thin either.

Until i just looked at Laurens port, I'd never seen the procedure done well, And i think it's a big risk when you already have something other people would pay money to have.

Thats just my opinion though.

Posted 13 Dec 2012
thanks hun thats very kind of you to say, that my lips look good xx
Posted 15 Dec 2012
I'm totally looking for doing some lip fillers. I haven't been happy with some details on my face and the lips are one of the things that are making me take this decision for the next year.

I think it will not affect the work if done right! So go for it!!

Posted 17 Dec 2012
I dont think you need any attention to your lips,they are fine.
Dont do it, just be happy with what you have

Posted 17 Dec 2012
It totally depends in my opinion, what type of modelling you do. For art nude, and lifestyle, and beauty, for example, I'd say the more natural you look (of course there's makeup.. and good tricks with it..) the absolute better, with no exceptions.

I have been guilty of even wearing very light false eyelashes at times and thinking ugh i really should have been more natural to make that shot, even though i feel my eyelashes aren't as full as others' eyelashes. If you get the idea.

Glamour though, might enhance your look, but id advise underdo it rather than over do it - i hate bits of me that i know are extremely magnified to me and tiny to others, if i made the decision to play around with them i would probably overdo it by nature, because it's how i see what needs correcting.

Posted 18 Dec 2012
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