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18 Dec 2007

TrA few free samples!

Loreal Dermagenesis:

Jack Daniels 2008 Calender:

Exclamation fragrance sample:

DHC 4 free samples when you sign up:

If you know any sites offering free samples add them below!love6


Posted 18 Dec 2007

If you go to this site you can get alot of free things like perfume,bailey's,make-up samples.

Posted 18 Dec 2007
Make Up Artist

I hate to say this guys but these kind of companies are just collecting your information to sell onto spammers that will keep posting loads of junk through your door and in your inbox, is it really worth it for a free sample lol?

Just be careful where you put your personal information, they can do a lot of things with your name, age and address.


Posted 18 Dec 2007

Thanks for pointing that out that LylacBlush!

You are right but some girls still always ask where to get free samples of things!

Tessie xxx

Posted 19 Dec 2007
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