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10 Dec 2012
was wondering if anyone could recommend shampoo/conditioner and any other products to use with extensions? I've had mine weaved in and was told today that should use shampoo and conditioner designed for extensions to keep them nice.


Posted 10 Dec 2012
I use a shampoo that says on the bottle that its for wigs, extensions and weaves etc. If you go to where you bought the hair from (Or a shop that sells the same) They should stock it and advise. I use that, and lush's shampoo bar and then dove conditioner on the ends
Posted 10 Dec 2012

I had a weave for 3 years and shampoo wise I used the johnstons "No more tears" range particularly the anti tangle (green bottle) if its delicate enough for babies it is delicate enough for extensions.
Conditioner and treatment wise I would recommend the Moroccan oil range, pricey but worth it.
I would also recommend using Redken anti snap treatment serum through the ends.
Hope that helps, oh and if your struggling with the new weave itch, try to tap rather than scratch at the base of the weave.
Hope this helps
Posted 11 Dec 2012
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I'm surprised they didn't give you samples or even names of some that they would recommend Strange
Posted 11 Jan 2013
Don't use ones that claim to be made for extensions. I find Aussie is a good choice. Always no conditioner to your roots just midlengths to end.
Posted 25 Aug 2014
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