Moderator Contact Urgency - Who Decides?

Moderator Contact Urgency - Who Decides?

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9 Dec 2012
Have I missed any Threads on the subject? I think I've looked in all The Usual Places but I could be wrong.

So, until someone can point me in the direction of previous answers, here goes:
When you use the Contact Us button to ask Moderators a question, a message there tells you to be patient as Non-Critical issues could take up to 48 hours to deal with.
I know in the past there have been replies from Moderators listing all the things they had to deal with on one particular evening or weekend, but I'd like to know who decides whether or not a Report is Critical.

And not only who, more to the point, how is criticality measured?
If it may effect an imminent  shoot, then it will be classed as critical by the photographer/model/MUA(s) involved.
But the same issue may not appear to be critical to the Moderators.

Is it like an off/on switch decision? A Non-Critical Basket and a Critical List to be dealt with immediately?
Or have they developed some sort of sliding-scale? More like a league table and a Report could start half-way up the league if it was only Semi-Critical?

(Well what did you all expect me to do while I was waiting? I had to think about something.......)

Moderator Input - Re: Who Decides?
A triage system is in place with the Duty Moderator making the first decision.

Update: In the wider site picture your non-specific query timed at 22:40 was non-critical but was actually answered within the hour

Posted 9 Dec 2012
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