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25 Nov 2012
So I'm pregnant! Nearly 4 months... But with no bump at present.

Was wondering if anyone knows any agencies that take on pregnant mums to be?


Posted 25 Nov 2012
Hi Cath,
              Magazines    Mother & Baby   Bauer Media     [email removed]

                                    Nursery World     Haymarket Publishing Lte             [email removed]

                                    Pregancy & Birth   Bauer Media            [email removed]

                                     Prima Baby & Pregnancy    National Magazine Company           [email removed]

Those are magazine's for photographers submissions maybe your best approach would be to post a shared content casting for published photographer.
Anyone new [photographer] who has not previously been published would to be honest a long shot.

Hope that helps,
Good luck,

Kevin ,Keranda Studio x
Posted 25 Nov 2012
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Posted 26 Nov 2012
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