Text editor one of the most awful I have ever had to endure!

Text editor one of the most awful I have ever had to endure!

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15 Nov 2012
Honestly - I am so annoyed by this - I have wasted 30mins just typing a message (2nd attempt) only to click the back button instead of the Send button - then you can't recover by hitting Forward on the browser as its not considered a new page. C'mon, if you're going to provide a Back button, then at least provide a popup asking for confirmation of message loss - this is first grade stuff in high school web design!

Aside from this, selecting text within a message you are writing, by dragging the mouse over the text it really frustrating as it un-selects parts of the text as you drag. This is in Firefox in any case on Windows 7

Finally, using the messaging system on a small screen device is an absolute headache! Just try it on an android phone and see what you think! The window scroll shifts to the left all the time so the area you are typing in is off the screen. A more mobile friendly Purestorm* would make life much easier - as it is I just have to wait until I get home on my PC to use messaging on the site.

Right, I'm now off for my 3rd attempt to try and write that bloody reply!

Given you have locked the thread (what was the point of this exactly?) - I must apply my reply by editing here: all that's needed is a confirmation box when hitting back, nothing more. In fact why have a back button - all browsers have this anyway!

Aso, I had no idea you actually had a mobile site. Should browsing from a mobile redirect to this, or at least give the choice?
Moderator Comment.
The   button is intended to return you to the previous page and any mail text is effectively Unsaved.
We have flagged this issue for webmaster attention to see if a third (i.e. Save) function can be coded in
though if the user does not Save the draft of their email before going back the message would still be lost.

* Note that the mobile site should be easier to use on most mobile devices with reasonable size screens.
Posted 15 Nov 2012
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It seems this conversation has now been locked