Male Model: Would I have to bulk up?

Male Model: Would I have to bulk up?

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16 Dec 2007
I have been told by people that maybe I should bulk up before headinginto the industry. Then again, these people aren't even in fashion, sowhat do they know?

Here are some pics of me:

So would I have to gain more muscle to get jobs? 'Cause I was under the impression that I didn't have to, and now I'm worried.
Posted 16 Dec 2007
If you are going into fashion, then i would say not, you seem to have the perfect look to become successful in fashion But thats just my opinion Natalie
Posted 21 Dec 2007
i agree with nsilver from your pics i wouldnt say you need to but then if an agency says you need to then do it. you may find they like you as you are so wouldnt worry about it too much yet

Posted 23 Dec 2007

I'd say probably not because you seem to have that slim rock n roll body that is so fashionable nowadays. Unless you want to be an underwear model or something I'd say stay as you are because you'd be a great fashion model. That's just my opinion!


Posted 31 Dec 2007
Your fine the way you are
Posted 2 Jan 2008
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