G01 ~§~§~ Important Do's and Dont's ~§~§~

G01 ~§~§~ Important Do's and Dont's ~§~§~

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29 Sep 2012

~§~ General Forum Behaviour ~§~

Saturday, January 02, 2010 10:23 PM

United Kingdom
East Sussex

The standard of posting on the forum has deteriorated to what is now an unacceptable standard with too many threads being ruined by a small minority.

From now on we are taking a zero tolerance to this sort of behaviour in an attempt to bring the standard of the Forum back up to where it should be.

We do accept banter in threads is a good thing but if it goes too far then people get upset and are put in a position where they feel they have to leave the site and we do not want this.

I am sure most will see this as a good thing, however, there will be a number of people, mainly the offenders, who will not agree with this, all we can say is try to see the bigger picture, the forum isn’t just about one or two individuals having a laugh at the expense of others, we have many members who use Purestorm as a resource and we want everyone to feel welcome to post messages in the forum without receiving a barrage of offensive/childish comments.

Here’s to the future!


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Posted 29 Sep 2012
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