G02 ~§~ Joining As A Model ~§~

G02 ~§~ Joining As A Model ~§~

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29 Sep 2012
Some Basic Joining Notes

Purestorm Model Portfolio Hosting is not automatic and your profile cannot be considered for Approval until a minimum of four different images of the model, on her/his own and not with others, is uploaded along with comprehensive profile notes in the Comments  & Experience fields. If you have no relevant modelling experience this is not a problem but you should state this and you should not make up things just to fill the box.

Please fill out as much stats information as you are able to. The more information that you specify the easier a Search will be to find you and also provide other members with needed information so that your time and theirs is not wasted.

If you do not fill in sufficient information and/or do not upload a suitable selection of photos, at or soon after joining, your profile will not be Approved

Please choose a username to sign in with. You can only use letters, numbers and the underscore character.

Your username will be visible to everyone. Please choose this carefully as usernames cannot be changed later.

Your username must not consist only of numbers. Maximum length is 20 characters.

If you would rather your real name wasn't used in your visible profile then enter an Alias  ( a nickname) in the box provided and it will be used instead. Models please note: if you use your real name as your username in the first box on this registration everyone will see it. If you do not choose an Alias, once Google or other Search Engines pick up your name it will probably be impossible to remove it from cached / stored internet pages.

 If you do not fill in the Alias box your real name will show instead

You will have the opportunity to add photos after the completion of the Registration page and you should do so prior to leaving the site to allow the Approvals process to commence. If you do not add at least four good images of yourself (that means you on your own) or if images are too small or if you do not add comprehensive notes in the Comments and Experience fields your account will not be Approved. Models MUST be visually identifiable in portfolio images.

If you have been refused Portfolio Hosting or you have a Suspension in force do NOT create a new profile.

NOTE:  Please check that the email address you have entered is correct, this is important because any notifications of new messages and password reminders you get will be sent here.  Your email address on the Registration page is NOT listed in any query results that are generated from a Search. This information is kept in the database for contact purposes only and will not be shared with clients without your consent. Also note that you must not post your email address or phone number or Facebook in forum posts, profile notes or casting calls. This is a Model Safety issue and is not negotiable.

Finally, if you have any queries once you have set up your account use the Contact us link when logged into the account to seek assistance. Please be patient as our Moderators are volunteer long-term members who give their spare time to help keep the Purestorm community running smoothly.
Footnote: Second profile applications from Photographer members who wish to also offer themselves as a Model (and especially middle-aged males uploading nude images of themselves) are seldom accepted by the Approvals Panel.

Registrants are assessed by the Approvals Panel on their submissions to this site and not on web portfolios hosted elsewhere.
Being accepted for membership of another site with different joining criteria (or having a Facebook page) is irrelevant to your application
If registration irregularities are detected you may be asked to verify your
identity to prevent cloning / identity theft
Posted 29 Sep 2012
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