G09 ~§~ Creating A Casting Call ~§~

G09 ~§~ Creating A Casting Call ~§~

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29 Sep 2012
On Purestorm members can Create A Casting Call to find other members to shoot with - however members with Free accounts are unable to seek PAID work through the Casting Calls# and must Upgrade to Silver, Gold or Platinum status if wishing to seek payment. Free members who ignore the warning message when creating a Casting Call risk account Suspension and should they repeat, their account will be Terminated.

Members can use the Casting Call system to seek work with all other individual members. For example, models can now seek another model or MUA to shoot on a specific shoot with one of our Photographer members, but members must not try to scout or recruit models for non-members. Any TF collaborations between non-photographers will of course need to seek the photographer's agreement to offer images and if the photographer fails to deliver it is the Model or MUA who made the promise of images on behalf of the photographer who may be held responsible.

TF (i.e. TFP/TFCD) is where two members shoot together on a Time For Images basis rather than for cash or goods.

The only major restrictions are you must be an Upgraded member to seek paid work and
you must not break Clause 16 of the ToU - Clause 16 Suspensions are seldom reversible.

However, please also bear in mind the following limitations introduced as a result of past problems:-
  1. Please don't post post casting calls on behalf of others - see Clause 5.2 of the ToU.
  2. Please only post castings where you will be working (i.e. shooting) with the person you are seeking.
  3. The casting call system should only be used for specific modelling photo shoots.
  4. The casting call system should not be seen as a 'free-for-all' platform for advertising anything other than model photo shoots.
  5. The casting call system should not be used for group shoots *
  6. Castings for Camera Club shoots may only be posted from registered Camera Club Custodian profiles and must offer paid work.
  7. Admin reserves the right to remove any Casting Call that it feels to be inappropriate use of the system.
Members are reminded that phone numbers, email addresses, Facebook links or other contact details must not be posted in Casting Calls, nor in forum posts or in profile notes.

Spamming the Casting Calls system is both selfish and annoying so will not be tolerated - each time a CC is created an email is sent out to members who keep an eye on work offers/requests through the Notifications facility and many of them consider repeat emails offering/requesting the same thing to be junk mail. Those who do not allow a reasonable period of time to elapse between casting calls or who repeatedly advertise exactly the same thing risk losing the privilege of being able to post casting calls and those who ignore Admin Warnings risk Suspension.

# Free account holders who create a TF Casting Call and then tell those who reply that they wish to be paid risk Suspension

As on Purestorm we allow our Model members to create Casting Calls we do not have a seperate Travel Notice section so if wishing to 'test the water' before touring or booking travel members should Create a Casting Call.

  • Note that the Offering Share/Syndication option should only be used for specific commercial published work projects.
  • Seeking 'sponsorship' for beauty pageants is not permitted (Free members seeking 'sponsorship' risk Suspension).

* Footnote: it is generally acceptable for a Photographer or Studio account holder to post a Casting Call offering a paid commission (not a TF arrangement)  to a model to pose at a Studio Day/Evening attended by other members but the member who books the model will be held personally responsible for both ensuring that the model is paid the agreed rate and for the behaviour of all photographers at the shoot - should either payment obligations not be met or any inappropriate behaviour by other photographers be experienced (as has happened on a small number of previous occasions) the Photographer who commissioned the model could find the offer of portfolio hosting being withdrawn as a result.

Update: This one should be obvious but seemingly it needs to be emphasised in black and white.

Paying for an upgraded subscription does not entitle anyone to break or bend the rules nor, for that matter, does believing oneself to be a 'big name in the industry' or 'one of the most popular members of this websitesite' confer carte blanche to pick and choose which rules to comply with. Many of Purestorm's rules and guidelines were created as a Model Safety precaution in response  to past issues and ALL members are expected to comply with them for the smooth running of this community.

Posted 29 Sep 2012
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