G10 ~§~ Promoting Model Days / Model Evenings ~§~

G10 ~§~ Promoting Model Days / Model Evenings ~§~

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29 Sep 2012
Guidance for Model members promoting their Studio Day / Evening.
Models with Upgraded accounts wishing to promote a shoot in a studio where they hope to work with several photographers on the same day or evening should Create A Casting Call for this purpose. it is acceptable for a Model to promote a Model Day / Evening where he or she will be shooting with another Upgraded model member but it is unacceptable to advertise on behalf of groups of models or on behalf of non-member models.

NOTE: The Studio Model Days/Evenings forum section is for registered Studio account holders only.
That section is NOT intended for advertising Studio hours / availability and bumped posts will be deleted.

For the record: Studio Accounts are intended for Businesses TRADING as a Photographic Studio For Hire
(i.e. premises charged Business Rates and NOT domestic premises charged Council Tax)
meeting the required regulatory Health & Safety inspection standards covering the hire of studio equipment.

Studio account holders are asked to please keep thread titles simple, short and snappy as exceedingly long thread titles mess up both the forum listings and the post header. There is plenty of space in the body of the post for adding fine detail. Only specific dates & models (preferably Purestorm members) should be advertise and the section should not be used for  general advertising.

There is no need to duplicate the studio name in the header when the studio account holder is posting. Also please do not add rates and timetables etc. in the header. Adding 'timeslots' as an excuse to bump the topic to the top of the list is unacceptable - bumps will be deleted and the topic will be Locked.

Please refer to events where several Photographers are working with the same model/s in your Studio as a Model Day or a Studio Day and not as a Group Shoot - these are more usually associated with mixed groups of members collaborating  on a TFP/CD basis)

Guidance For Events Facilitators
Unlike some of the smaller sites Purestorm does not offer portfolio hosting to Events Facilitators or Group Shoot Organisers. In response to a number of serious issues which arose in the early summer of 2009 our Administrators were forced to introduce certain restrictions on how Group Shoots (events where a number of photographers shoot a number of models) could be promoted through the Community Events and Group Shoots section of the forums. It was decided, as a means of preventing certain exploitative behaviour and/or undesirable actions, to restrict Group Shoot promotion to non-profit networking events open to ALL members of the community. This guideline, which had to be tweaked several times to try to prevent rule-bending or hair-splitting, explains further:-
Around the same time we also introduced the Studio Model Days/Evenings section to give our registered Hire Studio account holders a place to promote properly and safely run multi-photographer events being held on their studio premises. As one of the basic criteria for having a Studio account is that the holder should be trading from business-rated commercial premises it is presumed that the studio owner will be operating their business, and equipment, in a safe and responsible fashion.
In April 2011 we tried to relax the Model Days rules slightly by allowing Premium members (most, though by no means all, of whom are identifiable) to also post in Studio Model Days/Evenings although we regret that this has not been an unqualified success. Some members abused the privilege or misused the section and some Studio owners then decided to fight back to protect their businesses from what they saw as cowboys damaging their livelihood. As a result we had  to seriously reconsider the relaxations as it is clear that putting the community on trust does not work. Indeed when asked to play fair some members have responded that they "don't do fair".

If members are trying to co-ordinate a non-profit and non-commercial Group Shoot where any member of the Purestorm community - Model, Photographer or Make-Up Artist - can participate and any (minor) associated costs are shared by everyone attending, they are at liberty to post in the Community Events section.

Please all note that members of the community are expected to comply with the spirit of site rules & guidelines and we consider trying to bend the rules or to argue the wording to be unacceptable. It would also help if members were to bear in mind that the rules exist to help the smooth running of the site and merely paying for an upgrade or believing oneself to be superior to the rest of the community does not give carte blanche to ignore the rules.

* Footnote: it is generally acceptable for a Photographer or Studio account holder to post a Casting Call offering a paid commission (not a TF arrangement)  to a model to pose at a Studio Day/Evening but the member who books the model will be held personally responsible for both ensuring that the model is paid the agreed rate and for the behaviour of all photographers at the shoot - should either payment obligations not be met or any inappropriate behaviour by other photographers be experienced (as has happened on a small number of previous occasions) the Photographer who commissioned the model could find the offer of portfolio hosting being withdrawn as a result.
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