G14 ~§~ The Feedback System ~§~

G14 ~§~ The Feedback System ~§~

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29 Sep 2012

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The Feedback System is intended to allow members who have booked a shoot through Purestorm to leave a
Positve, Neutral or Negative  Recommendation for the other member and to record either a
No-Show or Late Cancellation (within 18 hours) report should such unfortunate circumstances arise.

NOTE: Only ONE Recommendation can be left per member - for subsequent shoots you must copy & paste previously left comments*

Comments cannot be left with a Negative Recommendation and if you receive a the system will block retaliation.
If you dispute a Recommendation use the Contact us link to request Feedback Arbitration.
Keeping communications on-site and using the Shoot Diary can help in the case of Arbitration
Malicious misuse of the Recommendations system could lead to Suspension or Termination of your account.
To update / revise a Recommendation go to the other party's profile and click Add feedback.

If you need to cancel a shoot please do so by internal mail at the earliest opportunity - that is the least you can do.
*Updated 12th January 2013

First posted 16 August 2010
This site's administrators try to provide a simple and easily manageable Feedback system to allow members to both recommend good Models / Photographers / MUAs and to record when members let down other members. Unfortunately the efforts of a minority to either buck the system or encourage others to misuse or circumvent this simple process are putting the system in severe jeopardy and it might be withdrawn completely.

Many of the "white knights" and many of those those suggesting "fixes" seem not to have much of a clue just how difficult it is even to run the current system nor do they realise how many will lie, cheat, bully and cast aspersions in their quest to have legitimate negative feedback removed. Often when the "white knights" jump in to defend the honour of models (an action which in itself can be a dubious tactic used to influence the naive) without having seen BOTH sides of the story they are being counter-productive.

If anyone has a genuine grievance over feedback please go through the Report process giving Moderators the full facts and allowing them sufficient time to investigate. And when they make a decision please just accept it and move on.

It is NOT the end of the world if you receive a blue icon
but it could be the end of the Feedback system if members don't accept that sometimes they might deserve one
Posted 14 August 2012
Leaving a No-Show report when no shoot was actually booked is unacceptable.
Leaving a No-Show report when the other member cancelled with fair notice is unacceptable.
Leaving a Negative Recommendation just because someone does not wish to shoot is unacceptable.
Trying to ruin the reputation of another member after being left a Negative Recommendation is
unacceptable and brazenly lying to the Moderator & Administrator Team is unacceptable.

If members do not use the Feedback / Recommendations responsibly they risk losing the facility.

Note that verification and arbitration of feedback disputes can be near impossible
if members take communications off-site and/or do not use the Shoot Diary and Internal Mail

December 2012
Members who do not use the Shoot Diary to Book or Confirm may find any subsequent
Negative Recommendation left on another member's profile has to be removed.
If you cannot prove a shoot was booked through Purestorm you should NOT leave feedback.


If if anyone thinks they have a more workable Feedback concept
which is fair, infallible and not overly costly and labour-intensive to operate
feel free to suggest it through the Contact us link rather than arguing in forums.

It might also be useful if those who think everything about Feedback is simple and clear-cut were to read this:-
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Posted 29 Sep 2012
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