G15 ~§~ Rejoining/Reactivating ~§~

G15 ~§~ Rejoining/Reactivating ~§~

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29 Sep 2012
Members who wish to Rejoin* Purestorm
Email addresses can only be linked to ONE account so if you wish to Rejoin
please use the [Contact us] link to ask Administrators to reset the database.
Once this has been done you should be able to create a new account.

Members who wish to Reactivate a self-closed account
Please use the [Contact us] link and give us your profile Username.
We will then reset the account to Pending status until you log in to confirm
that it really is indeed you who is trying to access the account.
Note you will need to either know your password or be able to use your
original registration email to request a new password.
Under Data Protection rules we cannot change an email to Reactivate an account.
( This is a basic Safety & Security precaution )
Very old profiles which have been deleted from the database cannot be Reactivated.
Profile Usernames cannot be reused for new accounts (and cannot be changed).
Note: attempting to Reactivate an account which is not yours is a criminal offence.

Please Remember We Are Not  Psychic
Unless you give us your Username (not Alias) or ID Number we cannot help you.

* Note that user who have been Permanently Suspended or Banned may not Rejoin Purestorm


Posted 29 Sep 2012
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