Possible scam - fashion shoot offer

Possible scam - fashion shoot offer

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16 Aug 2012
Has any model received a message in the recent past offering a fashion shoot job with something like a £300 up-front payment, and a £700 balance in cash on completion, (or similar figures), mentioning Vogue Malaysia (or something equally improbable) and using the US English spelling of the word catalogue, i.e. "catalog".

Was the initial payment offered by bank transfer?

Have you handed over your bank details?

Have you received any payment?

If you have even the slightest concern about this approach, please send me the full text of the message you have received and the complete following thread, and if possible the source email address and IP address via PM.


Moderator Input
This appears to be just the run-of-the-mill Advance Fee Fraud email which many models receive
and which should just be binned as not only will it be fake but the email sender will be untraceable.
Under no circumstances try to bank any advance cheque sent by this type of fraudster - it will bounce.
This type of thing is one of the primary reasons why Purestorm prohibits email address being displayed.
Posted 16 Aug 2012
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It seems this conversation has now been locked