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5 Aug 2012
Why is there a limit on how many images you can switch to private on your portfolio? Can it be changed to unlimited?
Moderator Input
There is a limit in place specifically to prevent members hiding much or all of their portfiolio images
as the primary aim of Purestorm is for it to be a  portfolio hosting site viewable to everybody.

Setting entire profiles to private would both encourage non-photographers to create fake profiles
just to see 'private' images of model members - something we believe would be unacceptable to most.
We suggest that members wishing to hide ALL images should use a social networking page instead
as that type of web page can can be limited to Friends Only

Footnote: An All-Private image setting option was trialled for a short time but was reversed as it proved to be problematic
Posted 5 Aug 2012
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It seems this conversation has now been locked