Hair Emergency

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18 April 2012
hi all.

Im having a bit of a hair dilema, as Im having no luck finding a hair salon. So my thinking of shaving it off. possibly as short as 'Amber rose'.
If anyone has any other ideas please let me know.


Posted 18 April 2012
Edited by RoxiMonique 18 April 2012
Details? What's wrong with it? Chewing gum in it? Don't like the colour or cut?

Posted 18 April 2012
my hair type is afro caribbean, and now im getting so bored of it. im wanting to get a complete new hairstyle. xx my hair is all growing back inn to an afro!!! ARGH xx

Posted 19 April 2012
Hi Roxi,
have you thought about chemical straightening ?,it's around £50 in black hair salons in my area not to sure about Cheshire price's but it's good and lasts a fair bit depending on how fast your hair grows.

Posted 4 May 2012
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