Studio Lighting Workshop, Croxton Cambridgeshire

Studio Lighting Workshop, Croxton Cambridgeshire

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13 Feb 2012

Sunday 26th Feb we are running another of our popular studio lighting courses,

A thorough understanding of light and its application is key to creating the best images in the studio. Our workshop will demonstrate how studio lighting and space can be used to give you total control of your image. Much of what you will learn will also be of great benefit use on location or non-studio shoots.

Aimed at both professional and keen amateur photographers, We will teach you many of the techniques of studio lighting, including hard light, soft light, key light, fill light, kickers and backlights; giving you the knowledge to be able to create images of all styles. You will learn how to control contrast, and how to illuminate the foreground and background separately, we will show you how to use reflectors and flats.

We limit our workshops to a maximum of ten people so every photographer will get ample opportunity to photograph the model

The format for the day is: Arrive at 9:30 so everyone can meet and have a cup of tea or coffee, ready to start at 10:00

The first session is devoted to the technical stuff, f-stops, focal lengths, depth of field, shutter speeds in the context of studio flash, the inverse square law and how if effects studio lighting, lighting ratios and white balance. At the end of this session we will open the studio and look at the more practical aspects of the equipment; seeing how different lights produce different types of light, and when coupled with modifiers, different effects. We will also look at the how to use reflectors and polystyrene flats as reflectors and baffles to stop light and create shadow. We will have a model on hand to allow us to visualise the effects during this session photographers will have ample opportunity to try out different setups. After this session we will break for lunch in our own Cafe, allowing people to chat and discuss the mornings work. Lunch is follow by an afternoon of practical work in the studio with a model.

The course is being taught by Martyn Rayner an award winning  professional photographer who has been a full time professional since the early 1980's Martyn has a degree in photography  from the prestigious Cambridge School of Art and is qualified as an Associate of  both The Royal Photographic Society and the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers. Martyn is widely recognised as something of a genius with studio lighting indeed many of the photographers offering photographic training were taught by Martyn

Martyn will be holding this course in Studio Two at The Works Studio.   Studio Two is quite unique amongst studios as it has been specifically  designed and built from scratch as a photographic studio, it's not simply a corner of a factory unit with a paper background hung on the wall, the studio area is 16ft x 16ft with a 12ft ceiling and totally painted black including the ceiling and floor. as anyone who has worked in a total black studio will know it's not great to work in as it's quite difficult to see camera and computer settings,  therefore the design incorporated an ante room called the salon, the salon is connected to the studio and provides a room 16ft wide and 20ft long with a 8ft ceiling and painted mid grey, this provides a space for the photographer to work in comfort while the model can work in the black studio. the salon also provides the perfect teaching studio.


If you are interested in this or any of our other courses or workshops please message us

Posted 13 Feb 2012
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