Makeup and body tips?

Makeup and body tips?

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27 Nov 2007

I have a problem with my t-zone it get's really flakey and I have to wear make-up to cover
the enemy spots,whilst in Nottingham on Saturday I bought a £29.00 Moisturiser,Clarins with a cleanser and lip balm
to help with this problem and yet it hasn't done it's job,plus it was meant to be good for make-up application
but it makes it more obvious when I put make up on, I have to wear make-up as I am a model and have to cover the enemy spots =|.

Any advice? I would also like to know what a highlighter is too.

My second question is:

I love my junk food and I am trying to diet but it is very hard,especcially since Christmas is comming up ofcourse
and I was wondering how can I make vegetables and kiwi and strawberries (as I do like apples,grapes and oranges)
taste better than what they actually taste like, I also do not like the gym so I dance instead but would love to try pole-dancing
lessons, the other thing is I do work aswell so does anyone have any tips?love10

Posted 27 Nov 2007
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One of the things that is vital to healthy skin is a healthy diet. You can't expect to eat junk and still look fabulous. There are very few girls who can get away with doing both.

Have the junk food in moderation, no more than once a week (and that doesn't mean each place, that means once a week for ANY junk food - after all, everyone deserves a treat).

Try getting a smoothie maker or a juicer. These are the best ways of getting fruit and veg into your system without feeling like you're eating yucky rabbit food winking1

As for exercise, a lot of people hate the gym because they're not seeing the benefits or find it boring. Most gyms I know of have an option ot get one of the instructors involved on a one to one session (no not that kind! lol), but one where they tailor your work out to get what you want out of it. They've got the training, so make use of it!

As you say you like dance, that's a good workout, but you still need to be doing at least 3 sessions a week

Posted 27 Nov 2007
Thankyou! That sounds like a great plan and I shall be investing in a juicer and finding maybe a pole dance class and going to the gym too =) ^_^. It is rather toning up than anything else so I have been laying off the junk food and just been eating cereals with light sugar on =).

Posted 27 Nov 2007
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Do you drink lots of water? Up your intake if not. My sister however did this a week or so ago and broke out with massive spots - but it was her body's way of flushing the toxins, a week later she is fine. So if you do not know how your skin will react initially I wouldnt book much in. Does your whole body the world of good.

Unfortunately i'm probably the worst person to give advice ...... sounds a bit hypocritical. But I do know what I should be doing, thankfully at present my body doesnt tell me its all bad (dreads the day it does).

Also there is no reason for you to wear make up at home. Give your skin a deserved break and when your home take it off. Some peoples skin reacts to the lack of makeup because it is so used to having it blocking the pores etc. But this is overcome


Posted 28 Nov 2007

I drink two glasses but I think it is the stress of work that has caused me to break out in spots as I normally don't get them.

I am having this as the day goes on

2 wheatabix with semi-skimmed milk
1 bagel with Philidelphia extra light

1 smoothie,Semi-Skimmed milk with strawberry,grape and cabbage (not nice but hey when it goes down it's making you better)
2 eggs with bread.

Tea (this is where I struggle because of what time I work and where I work):
If at home:
Spaghetti Bolognese

If at work:
Brown bread with Philidephia extra light
Philidelphia dip with bread sticks
1 pack of quavers (not always)
Two bottles of water
and an orange,grapes or apple

A bowl of cereal
and a smoothie.

I do not drink fizzy drinks all the time I have to odd two a week.
Lucozade is the only thing that keeps me awake
Diet coke but the ones with vitamins in (all the same they are both bad)

I always drink Tropicana smooth as it also is a one day thing,plus it tastes so much better than other juices,healthier than fizzy drinks and it doesn't cost that much for a big carton of it.

In nottingham I did the ultimate no-no of having a cheeseburger,fries and a large thick shake at Wimpy's I ate most of my fries,two bites of burger, Like two sucks of my thick shake but I couldn't eat much more so I had to go to the toilet to try and settle my stomach but when I came back I just felt too full. My mum and Grandma moaned at what it had cost and me not eating or drinking much but I just was too full, I am now on this strict diet from now on. Right now chocolate repulses me and I am going off junk food.

However I do eat them new walkers crisps..what are they called?...I can't remember but they are really thin and have a really weird taste to them,they are not walkers sensations.
I went on Wikipedia and found out they are called Walkers Sunbites which are delicious and low in fat and in calories I think.

Posted 29 Nov 2007
For a start you need to be drinking AT LEAST 8 glasses a day. Get yourself a litre bottle of water and re-fill it. 2 litres is what our bodies need to even function properly.

Posted 29 Nov 2007
Will do! =), I go shopping tommorow so i'll get a 6 pack of 2 litre bottles

Posted 30 Nov 2007
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