Gloucester February Social!

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10 Jan 2012
The text below is copied from our group facebook page. I know I can't put links here so if anybody wants it please just PM me.

We get a good turn out from NM land, it would be nice to see some people from PS coming along sometime


Eeek!! Its 2012!! We have a few months left until the end of the world folks, so lets make the most of it eh?

Right, after a brief respite in January following our well attended Xmas social we have something a little different for you for our first social of the year!

For one month only the social will be held in a real life photographic studio! J&A Studio's in Gloucester to be precise.

The evening will feature a short glamour workshop by our very good friend Fast Eddie. He will explain some of his methods of working with models, share some of his lighting tips and answer any questions you might have. His model for the evening will be the lovely Miss Pixie!

Following the workshop any photographers who bring their camera's will be welcome to use Ed's lighting set up to have a few minutes shooting Pixie themselves. Time for shooting will be limited, and one photographer shooting at a time. There will not be time for rearranging lights as this will be unfair on anybody else who is waiting to shoot after you. So please bear this in mind.

Obviously this venue isn't a bar, I will try to ensure that there are soft drinks /nibbles on hand, but if you wish to bring your own alcohol please feel free, I will make sure there is something there for you to drink it out of!

If you are new to the page and haven't been to a social before, then welcome, please come along and say hi! It doesn't matter if you are a seasoned pro or a total beginner at either photography, modelling or make up artistry/FX, everybody is welcome!

This is also a good opportunity for any models and photographers who have not yet seen the studio to do so, and maybe have a chat to Andy & Stephen with any questions you might have re hiring the studio at a later date.

Dependent on time, and if Andy/Stephen are ok with it, any models who want a few shots might well get a chance to shoot also. We can't guarantee this until we know what time we have left though.

So, I hope to see as many of you there as possible. Let's keep these socials alive and kicking, along with the fun and great atmosphere that we all enjoyed during 2011. The venue for the rest of the 2012 socials will be announced in due course.

Many thank you's to Andy Stamp & Stephen James for the use of their studio, Fast Eddie for his sharing of time and knowledge with us, and to Pixie for being an all round good sport and modelling for us!

Rob x
Posted 10 Jan 2012
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