~§~Why We Have An Approvals Process~§~

~§~Why We Have An Approvals Process~§~

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7 Dec 2011
Many members question why we have an Approvals Process and ask what the parameters are.
To help keep out certain undesirable or unwelcome individuals we cannot divulge procedures
as that would merely give them clues about how to get around the system.

Some of these unwanted individuals are banned, suspended, dodgy or merely abusive people
trying to find ways of contacting our model members - often for reasons unconnected with photography.

A few  try create "Sockpuppet" accounts so they can leave fake Positive Recommendations for themselves.
Others try to create "Lorelei" model accounts to lure other models into the clutches of undesirable males.
Some are Banned under Clauses 3.1, 7 or 16 of the Terms of Use but will not accept they are unwelcome.

By having an Approvals process and both automatic and manual systems in place we can keep most out
though inevitably some will slip through and occasionally we might even keep out a genuine applicant.
We work on the assumption it is better to keep out a few that we are unsure of than to
let in even one that poses a threat or danger to other members.

Already today we have blocked a repeat application from a Suspended member who was abusive to models
and rejected a suspicious applicant whose submission gave grave cause for concern.

Both subsequently came back at Moderators making threats and revealing their true colours.

One made the following ludicrous statement:-


Another with a very dodgy application and poor quality images claimed:-
i have far better credentials than several of your so called models in the # area who are no more than whores!

Fortunately they were taking out their venom on anonymous Moderators rather than identifiable volunteers
whose ONLY interests are in assisting smooth running and promoting a pleasant Purestorm experience.

Posted 7 Dec 2011
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We are now going to start posting links to threads about Suspended members into this section
so that Premium members can see some of the problems we face and the action we are trying to take.

Ian Mitchell aka cuddlez

David/Dave Thomas/Roberts/Christopher aka CLASSIC CREATIONS MODELS

Posted 9 Dec 2011
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A little bit of context.
Every new application is viewed and examined by at leat one of the Approvals Panel.
Unless the application is easily verifiable as genuine* a second opinion is sought.
Since 01/01/2011 one Moderator / Administrator has examined over 21,000 applications
which averages at just under sixty profiles inspected and checked every day this year by them.
That is just one tiny facet of the work which goes on backstage to keep this community functioning.

* for example the applicant has an established  personal website and profiles elsewhere which are easily checkable.
Posted 21 Dec 2011
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A Couple Of Case Studies To Illustrate The Darker Side

On Boxing Day we received a suspect Female Photographer application supposedly created
by an employee of Ann Summers, which we investigated and Suspended within the hour.
The profile was never Approved as the Panel was highly suspicious that it was a fake.
Today we learned that another site which has an Open Door policy granted "her" access
and as a result this believed Pakistan-based scummer targeted models for banking and personal details.

Some time ago we accepted an application from a seemingly genuine photographer but
Moderators keeping a close eye on Casting Calls spotted a Clause 6.2 breach and suspicious claims
so Suspended then alerted Administrators to the account within hours of it being Approved.
Today our Police Liaison Officer was contacted and informed that Purestorm Administrators
may be required to attend court as a Prosecution Witness in a serious case.
While Purestorm acted fast in this instance and took positive action to protect our members
other model and talent sites were not so fastidious and so allowed alleged serious crimes to occur.
Posted 28 Dec 2011
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Sunday mornings are usually the quietest time of the week so only three Moderators have been on duty.

Already we have had 20 sign-ups - about par for the course - which at least two Approvers have examined.

By noon
15 out of 20 applications had been fully completed.
of these
1 had complied with joining instructions and had been Approved
another 4 had not fully completed their image uploads and had logged out so are still Pending
and the remaining 9 had been Rejected as the applications were either very dodgy or outright fakes.

Just another typically quiet Sunday morning for the Purestorm Team
Posted 5 Feb 2012
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Over the last couple of weeks we have had second account* applications from three or four Models
who have been dabbling in the Photographer genre and wish to set up in this area.
Having an account in one field does NOT automatically mean one will be accepted for another
and in the interest of fairness applicants MUST go through the same process as everyone else -
including in the Photography field convincing the Approvals Panel that they are established in that field.

Saying "I am not a pervy degenerate, I am a female who is just getting into photography"
or "I need a Photographer account so I can book models for TFP to learn about photography"
or Reporting other newish members' portfolios (especially when you did not see their original submission)
is unlikely to hold much sway with the Panel and won't gain you a rubber stamp but
taking a few months to learn the craft from behind the camera and submitting a varied portfolio should do.

Note: If we rubber stamped second account applications we would be swamped with appeals
from rejected non-established photographers

* Members must hold a Premium (i.e. Upgraded) account to be eligible for a second profile.
Posted 25 Feb 2012
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 We have recently had to close a number of Model accounts as foolishly the Models
allowed an 'elderly gentleman photographer' (believed based in the Northeast of England)
to access and upgrade their accounts thereby letting him solicit for Adult Boy/Girl & Escorting.
Some models presumed that they were being approched by a female model so dropped their guard.

This pest, who has prior Suspension under his own name and is Banned,
has now started buying Annual Gold Upgrades to try to counter any suspicions.

Incredibly, countless Premium model members read his messages posted through Model accounts
yet did not bother to Report him to allow us to protect their fellow models.

Any model who grants other people access to her account to contact other models risks account Termination.
Posted 26 March 2012
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This case study, by no means unique, may give members an idea of the sort of applicant we have to battle very hard to keep out.

Yesterday we were approached by a former member, believed to live in the Mediterranean but who occassionally works in or visits the UK, who was excluded from this site four years ago under Clause 16. He was making requests for 'gonzo' shoots involving oral and penetrative sex - something which incidentally a number of Adult sector model members indicated they were perfectly willing to perform with him for a price - and on his profile notes he clearly stated that his 'gonzo' shoots were not for publication, were for his personal archive, were an expensive hobby and were relaxation from his stressful daily routine.

Naturally this individual, who uses a false name but is quite easily identifiable, not least by the type of tacky snaps he presents, was informed that he was still unwelcome on Purestorm. His response was to create another new profile this morning, giving his location as Russia this time. Luckily the Approvals Panel spotted him and then threw him out within the hour. No doubt he will be back, and until female members with Model accounts stop offering sex to this type of male his sort will keep returning in their attempts to contact women willing to perform sexual services with them on camera. This inevitably results in female members who are only interested in modelling being harrassed by these sex pests.

Contrary to what some members are suggesting in the forums, the Purestorm Team actually works incredibly hard in their efforts to keep out the sort of person we believe the majority of members do not want on this site. If any Premium members believe we are wrong in our approach and that we should drop Clause 16 and open up Purestorm to those requesting or offering oral / penetrative intercourse between photographer and model account holders please feel free to start a discussion topic in Premium General Chat.

Until the Team believes that the majority of members see the offering or requesting of boy/girl sex through Purestorm as acceptable we, unlike some other sites, do not intend  adopting an 'Open Door / Anything Goes' policy or
dropping Clause 16. If as a result of our policy of keeping sex pests out  we lose a few members and a few subscription opportunities, so be it.
Posted 20 April 2012
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A Model recently Reported suspicious messages made from a newish model account, prompting an investigation.
Once alerted it took Administrators very little time to ascertain that the account was being used for procuring.
They were also saddened to note that a number of relatively high profile models had been contacted but had
either not Reported or had taken communications off-site when it was obvious what was being suggested.
Purestorm can only keep these undesirables out if everyone helps us.

Updated 17:30 31st May. Yesterday we received the following appeal from 'her' :-
Reactivate my account! I require a reply. I have NOT done anything wrong and feel this is completely uncalled for.
Today images of the same girl, now claiming to be two years younger, were used to create another account.
An Administrator Investigation has now uncovered four linked past accounts being used to try to recruit escorts.
Posted 29 May 2012
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This pest, who has prior Suspension under his own name and is Banned,
has now started buying Annual Gold Upgrades to try to counter any suspicions.
Incredibly, countless Premium model members read his messages posted through Model accounts
yet did not bother to Report him to allow us to protect their fellow models.

We have just had yet another instance of a Model account being used to offer
'highly paid work' work to other models on behalf of an anonymous photographer.
At least fifteen models, including several high profile ones, responded rather than Reporting.
If models don't help us by reporting these guys there is little we can do to keep them out.

Posted 10 Oct 2012
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