~§~ Photographers Running Model Accounts ~§~

~§~ Photographers Running Model Accounts ~§~

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26 Nov 2011
Purestorm does not allow Agents or Managers or Handlers to run a Model's account for them.

We appreciate that occasionally a helpful Photographer or Studio account holder might wish to
introduce a  new model and assist her or him to initially set up their account properly.

If planning on doing this it is imperative that you first let us know that you are doing so *
and it is essential that the model then takes charge of their own account from their own computer.

We currently have serious issues with a number of undesirables trying to create Model accounts
to either recruit on behalf of Banned / Suspended members or organisations
or to create false feedback and references for Photographer accounts they have also created.

As a result we have automatic systems in place to try to limit this as much as possible.
Inevitably this means that the odd genuine application gets put on hold along with the dodgy ones.

* Please use the Contact us link through your own account and allow Administrators time to look into the matter.
Also please ensure if helping someone else to sign up that you have first logged out and closed all windows.
{Updated 2012}
An account created by one individual to post as another is what we term a Sockpuppet profile.
A person who makes forum posts through a Sockpuppet account is considered to be a Sockpuppeteer.
As a fraud prevention measure we have systems in place to try to identify Sockpuppeteers.

This thread was first posted in the Premium section as we did not wish everyone who could easily view the main forums
to be aware that we have systems in place to try to trap those we have identfied as posing specific problems for models.
Posted 26 Nov 2011
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Once again we have had very serious issues concerning a Photographer granted access to Model accounts.
As a result of his actions, which concern Model Safety, several girls have now lost access to Purestorm.
Not only has this Photographer / Webmaster held Premium memberships in his own name but he has
also bought both Monthly and Annual upgrades for models to allow him to carry on his practices.

We cannot stress enough that Photographers must not run accounts on behalf of Models.

We appreciate that there are many couples who have individual profiles on here and generally that does not pose problems
if we are aware that you are a couple.
Posted 22 March 2012
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Posted 22 April 2012
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 It is very unhelpful when members who expect Purestorm to take Model Safety issues seriously
seemingly expect us to allow them to ignore safeguards put in place for just such purposes.
Posted 22 April 2012
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FTR: On 30th April this message had to be sent to every Photographer, Model, MUA and Studio account
in response to a number of escalating
issues which posed potentially very serious problems.

Prohibition On Allowing Others To Use Your Purestorm Account
Yet again Administrators have discovered that a member has allowed a BANNED former member to access their account and use the Personal Messaging system to contact others. Members are advised that they must not allow other people access to their personal account and anyone who allows a 'manager' or 'agent' or 'chaperone' or 'helper' or 'friend' to use their account to contact other users faces Suspension. Any member working in collusion with Banned former members or those who have been refused Portfolio Hosting in order to allow them access to contact our members is likely to not only be Permanently Banned but also to be added to the Wall of Shame.
¤ Note to Models - if another member you have worked with offers to Upgrade your account you should not let them know your personal password but if you feel there is no alternative to doing so please change your password as fast as possible afterwards from a computer they do not have access to.
The Purestorm Team
Footnote. Members whose attention was politely drawn to the opening post (26 November 2011 19:21) yet chose
to ignore it  have no grounds for complaint when prevented from accessing accounts registered to others.
Posted 1 May 2012
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