Suggested Improvements to Studio Day Posts

Suggested Improvements to Studio Day Posts

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26 Nov 2011
Following the changes to the rules regarding studio days and bumping of threads, I was talking to a couple of our customers (who are also Platinum Purestorm members) regarding these changes that seem to stop legitimate updates to threads, for example saying what the current availability, hours taken would be.

We were discussing a possible system that would be more useful for photographers to use, perhaps along the lines of the castings section as follows:

Studio owner posts the date, location, model, hours and cost.  This adds the date to an events calendar in date order, but the Purestorm member would also be able to search and/or browse by date, model (as many people would like to work with a specific model) or location.

It would be helpful if the event poster could update availability or make alterations to the event's properties and it would be beneficial to be able to post images of the model on the event and linking to the model's PureStorm profile.

Comment : This issue has recently been discussed in detail between Administrators and Moderators,
including a Studio Owner representative, and Matt is in the process of making changes to the system
with the intent of specifically supporting our established members trading in the Studios For Hire sector.
Posted 26 Nov 2011
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It seems this conversation has now been locked