This weekend 19-20 Nov. Portrait course...

This weekend 19-20 Nov. Portrait course...

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16 Nov 2011
Hi Folks,

I have two places left on this weekends portrait course. Although the course covers a lot more than just portraits.  It's at the Blackthorn School of Photography in Cricklade (near Swindon).  Special offer. £150 for the whole weekend. for directions. The course runs from 10-00 - 16:00 on both days.

What people say about the course... (rom the last course held in Leeds).

More reviews here -

Supaveg - 

Attended Si's course at The Camera Society this weekend - and can say without hesitation that I learned more in the two days than I have in the last two years. To anybody else who is as sceptical as I was as to the value of investing in training, it has opened more doors in my mind than any number of new lenses or lights ever could. Absolutely recommended.

Joshuataylor -  

I attended a course with Si over this weekend, I can say without any degree of uncertainty that this was the most valuable investment I have ever made! I have learnt more in the last two days than I have in years. At the start of the course Si said he was looking for "penny dropped" moments, with the amount of pennies I have dropped this weekend I would without doubt be a millionaire. Si is a fantastic coach and has a way of explaining complex theory in a way that can be easily understood and most importantly utilised!

Thank you Si.

Stuartupton - 

If anyone is looking for an insight in to how to make an image really work then I would recommend attending one of Simons courses. Simon teaches in an easy to understand way allowing you to get what he is talking about and to also see how it can be applied. Within the first 30 minutes I had a better understanding of how an image works than I have ever got from any book or session before and by the end of it felt more confident and competent in knowing what I am looking for in an image and how to get it. Thanks Simon for a real eye opening weekend


Posted 16 Nov 2011
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