model seeking cheap formal gowns

model seeking cheap formal gowns

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12 Nov 2011
I enter beauty pageants and I'm looking for show stopping wedding, formal and prom gowns cheap that I can use in my next pageant, the price would have to include p + p and the most I'm looking to spend is 100. Please inbox me if you can help me out and supply pictures Thank you! Saphire
Posted 12 Nov 2011
what size are you hun? x

Posted 14 Nov 2011
Have you tried any Second Shops near you?

I haunt ours! They have beautiful ballgowns etc., at a fraction of the original price.
Even charity shops have some lovely dresses and there are second hand designer wear shops too...

Google your area - you might be surprised at what you can find right on your own doorstep.

Even the local newspapers for sale ads can come up you the cost of postage...

Or Ebay maybe...but then postage involved.

Be creative and use your little grey cells...

Maybe there is a dress maker in your area who could create a 'one off' gown at reasonable cost. A friend of mine did this..a lovely fish tail dress and won her particular beauty contest.

When I use to enter beauty contests  many years ago, beautiful formal dresses were like gold dust, so I wore a bright red, satin night dress once (lined) and won!

Or contact a dress designer in your area, explain your 'mission' - see if you can borrow a gown. If you win, then great publicity for them.

And eh um...what is your dress size?

Good luck!broken heart
Posted 14 Nov 2011
I am size 8 or 10 usually babe, thank you both for your help!
I've been trawling my local charity shops and can't find anything that's my size and that I can customize!
Ebay has been helpful though I got a beautiful dress for 35.00 off there the other day!
I am going to see a couple of dressmakers tomorrow so hopefully they will be reasonable priced!
Thank you both again xx

Posted 17 Nov 2011
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