Introductory in to studio flash and portraits London

Introductory in to studio flash and portraits London

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9 Nov 2011
Do you want to make money shooting lifestyle portraits?

Learn studio flash lighting, develop your understanding of studio technique and test using a photographic model.

You will be shown the effect of soft boxes, umbrellas, snoots, beauty dish and grid sets and how to use reflectors. How to use both soft and hard lighting to change the mood and effect of a portrait. Learn what a main lights function is; and how to use fill lights, back lights and hair lights and be shown how they affect the final image.

A model will be provided for you to shoot with throughout the day, advice on directing the model and posing technique will be given.

The teaching is presented in an easy to understand and relaxed and entertaining manner. You will walk away from this workshop with the skills to develop and improve your studio and portrait technique.
10:30am - Introduction with Light refreshment
What equipment is needed
How to set up the studio beginners guide
Learning to use a flash meter for accurate exposure
Camera set up and custom white balance setting
Model poses and composition tips
3 effective single flash lighting plans (soft-box and umbrella)
Soft Lighting
Business advice for head-shot, portrait and corporate client
How to use flags and reflectors
How to light a white background
High Key Lighting + exposure technique
Full length lighting
Post production technique (Adobe Lightrooms and Photoshop)
1:00pm - Lunch
2:00pm - Low Key lighting
Working with shadows and mood
Hard Lighting
Using grid sets (honeycombs), umbrellas beauty dish snoots etc
Multiple Flash Lighting plans
Three point lighting
Broad and short lighting
Kickers hair lights and back lights
Using colour gels
Work-flow and post production (Adobe Photoshop Lightrooms)
Business Advice
Q and A
5:30pm - Close
Camera Requirements:

You will need an SLR camera to part take in this course, arrangements can be made to hire cameras if you don’t own one, please ask when booking. If you have a Compact, Hybrid or Bridge camera you can still take part in this course, however your camera will not have all the functions available to SLR owners, we guarantee to show how to get fantastic pictures with all types of cameras.

Sony Alpha Users
Please bring along a hot shoe adaptor to connect your cameras to the studio flash sync cable, or bring along a Sony flash gun that has manual control. All other manufactures cameras do not need this.
Lens Choice

You will need a lens that will allow you to crop to head and shoulders, we recommend a lens in the focal length of 70-200mm for this. You will also be capturing half length and full length poses for this you would need a 24-70mm (Full frame) or 18-55mm (APS size) lens.
Additional Equipment

If you have a flash meter, wireless flash triggering system or speed light flash gun please bring these along with you. We can set up your speed light to trigger the studio lights.
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