Casting Call - Test Shoots

Casting Call - Test Shoots

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17 Aug 2011
Not sure if this has come up before, I couldn't see anyone mentioning it.

When creating a casting call, there is currently no option for test shoots.  Whilst I fully appreciate that this opens up perhaps a different can of worms, test shoots are a quite legitimate part of the business and are unpaid, perhaps leading to paid work for the successful person.

The problem is that we do test shoots for clients, right now if we create a posting on PS, then we have to say either

1) We're paying the model (which we're not for the test, but it may lead to paid work)
2) We're asking for payment - which of course we're not.
3) Offering TFP/TFCD - which sets an expectation that we're providing the model with the images, which we could do, but they probably wouldn't want them, as they're a test only
4) Offering a share or syndication - which we're not.

So I'm selecting option one, it's the closest to the truth, but then I'm spelling out that it's an unpaid test in the post - which I am sure many people will be disapointed with when they read it and find out they won't be getting paid after all!

So my suggestion is a test shoot option, perhaps with some clear guidance as to how this works for those thinking of abusing it. 
Posted 17 Aug 2011
It seems this conversation has now been locked